Jewelry Appraisals

Written appraisals are important documents that allow you to know the value of your jewelry and maintain the proper amount of insurance on your valuable jewelry. We offer written appraisals and are trained by the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. The Gemological Institute of America is the most respected Gemological Laboratory in the world. Our Appraisers hold several certificates pertaining to diamonds: The Certified Diamond Grader certificate, the Certified Diamond Evaluator certificate, and the Certified Diamond Essentials certificate. Our written appraisals are accepted by USAA and every other major insurance company.
It is important to have your appraisal evaluated every couple of years. With the recent increase in the value of gold, the appraisal value on a piece of jewelry may have changed substantially in the last few years. A current appraisal assures you that you will have the funds from the insurance company to pay for the replacement of your lost or stolen jewelry. We would be happy to meet with you and help make sure you have adequate coverage, or appraise your jewelry for insurance coverage. Appraisals are three part forms, one copy we maintain in our records, one copy for your records and one copy for your insurance company. Insurance companies will not insure specific pieces of jewelry without a written appraisal, they will only include that piece in your existing policy or rider.
Call today for your appointment to meet with one of our appraisers. The peace of mind knowing that your insurance coverage is up to date is important.


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