Buy and Sell Gold

Texas Diamond and Jewelry buys gold and other precious metals. Still have your gold nugget bracelet from the 70’s? Waiting for it to come back into style? Why not turn it into money? That single earring you have, the other one lost for eternity? We will buy it! At  Texas Diamond and Jewelry, we sell your broken and unwanted gold to the Refinery. In return we have materials to manufacture our new pieces of jewelry. Want to use your gold from a family or sentimental piece of jewelry? We can do that too. We will custom manufacture a new design incorporating your existing gold. If you have an out of style jewelry item, we can take the diamonds and or gemstones from it and make you a brand new, stylish piece of jewelry. Want to use a family treasure and turn it into a family heirloom? Come see us and we can help you design the perfect piece of jewelry, perfect for your family or loved one. At Texas Diamond and Jewelry we excel at design and manufacturing, as well as customer service!

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